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Add style and tranquility to your entertainment area with a tailor-made water feature by MVP Landscapes



Perth Custom Designed and Built Water Features




Your own tranquil retreat at home without the need to go on holiday

Creating soothing sounds of flowing water will remind you instantly of laying by the pool on those summer holidays away. Best of all, there is no need for having strangers sitting beside you whilst you enjoy taking it all in.  

At MVP Landscapes, we love designing and constructing custom water features that suit our client's landscape surroundings. As each water feature is unique in its specifications, we can incorporate a range of different materials and finishings including stainless steel, feature stone, glass, mirrors, and mosaic tiling to establish its personal touch.


Pool Water Features in Perth

Having a swimming pool in Perth is almost an essential item for those families who love to relax or entertain friends on the weekends. 

Showcasing your swimming pool with a tailor-made one of a kind pool water feature is certainly an effective way to have people talking for all the right reasons. At MVP Landscapes, we specialise in creating swimming pool water features that not only enhance the look of the swimming pool area but quickly transforms the entire garden landscape. A true focal point for your entertainment hub. 

There are many different construction techniques and water blade systems that enable you to create your very own Bali resort pool water feature. 

  • Sheer Descent Water Blades

  • Curtain Water Blades

  • Laminar Jets

  • LED Light Water Blades

Pool Water Feature Perth
Perth Swimming Pool Water Feature
Natural Stone Water Features
Pool Water Feature Perth

Natural Stone Water Features not only look incredible in a garden landscape, but they quickly become the focal point to your outdoor entertainment hub or pool surrounds.


Knowing this, MVP Landscapes understands absolutely that the scale of the natural stone water feature must be relevant and proportional to the total area. 

Functionality Is Everything

When you are seeking to add a water feature into your landscape, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your practical reasoning for having a garden water feature will determine what best suits you. 

Is it to complement the pool or spa area with a water curtain, water spouts or water wall falling into the water.

Wok Bowl Water Feature

Is it to showcase your front door entrance to your home or commercial building with a reflection pond, fish pond or cascading water descending through a network of wok bowls. Whatever it may be, MVP Landscapes can help you generate life through the use of soothing water.

Water Features Perth
Types Of Water Features MVP Landscapes Build
  • Waterfalls into Pools and Spas

  • Water Walls

  • Feature Ponds 

  • Natural flowing Water Streams

  • Fountains

  • Reflections Ponds

  • Urns


Contacting Us About Your Water Feature

We would love to help you create your very own backyard oasis by inspiring you of what is actually possible in your chosen area.