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Perth Timber Decking

Make a statement with a quality timber or composite decking installed to your entertainment area


Elegant and sophisticated timber decking installation in Perth

Timber decking

Timber Decking Installation Perth 


Transforming your home's outdoor areas can be performed multiple ways using timber being timber decking, timber seating, and feature timber panels. Considered to many as being elegant and sophisticated, a timber decking installed will add style and luxury to your home's outdoor area. 

Our experienced team at MVP Landscapes understands to truly live the Perth lifestyle, you need to bring the outdoors in and make it a functional entertaining area of the home. To obtain this, we collaborate with our clients to completely recognize their purpose for the area and construct it accordingly making it a place where you can entertain friends and family. 

Why Timber?


  • Looks great​

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Blends in with the surrounding landscape

  • Softer underfoot and safer for children

  • Adds value to your home

  • Flexible in the application 

Decking Installers Perth - the best of both worlds

As it often happens in Perth landscaping, timber decking is installed along with other services that MVP Landscapes professionally provide. Combining our services is a fantastic way of incorporating serval features within the landscape that seamlessly blend together. These partnerships between materials and garden features are what enable MVP Landscapes to design and construct one-off personalised garden features for our clients. 

Timber decking installation is best left to the professionals like MVP Landscapes. This ensures your garden feature becomes the center of attention that transformed your home's landscape. 

Decking Installers Perth
Timber Feature
Perth Timber Decking
Composite Decking Installed in Perth
Composite Decking

A composite deck in Perth is considered as the maintenance FREE timber decking. Constructed from a mixture of materials of resins and wood. This composite deck product is said to be environmentally friendly as the components are often recycled materials that would usually end up in landfill. 



Composite Decking Installed Perth

Benefits of installing a Composite Deck Perth


  • Weather-resistant

  • Stain-resistant

  • Won't splinter or rot

  • Low maintenance

  • A variety of colours to choose 

  • Lightweight



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