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Create style and functionality to a difficult area by smart retaining wall solutions


Smart, innovative retaining wall solutions for Perth 

Retaining walls are necessary for some Perth properties to prevent soil erosion and land sliding, but with smart design and construction techniques, they can be constructed in a way that enriches the property's aesthetics. At MVP Landscapes, we use and incorporate a variety of material types like limestone blocks, treated timber, and stone to enhance many of our retaining and feature wall solutions. 

At MVP Landscapes, we can design and build any type of retaining wall for your unique outdoor problem areas.  

Limestone Retaining Walls Perth

Limestone retaining walls are very popular in Perth for good reason. They are a cost-effective way of constructing a retaining wall or feature wall within the landscape quickly. Limestone wall blocks blend in with the surrounds naturally with their earthy colour tones and with a variety of sizes available, they are very versatile in their construction application. 

Typically limestone retaining walls are constructed without the requirement of a concrete footing like a standard brick wall construction needs. This saves you precious time and money on the overall wall project. 

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Limestone Block Varieties 

There are many limestone block sizes that will suit your Perth residential property, but there are also different types of limestone block construction.

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks

The most popular limestone block in Perth is a reconstituted limestone block that has been made using a concrete/limestone mixture. These limestone blocks are stronger and heavier than a traditional natural limestone block, but also perform better in a retaining wall situation. With the way these limestone blocks have been constructed, the end result will see your wall with a straighter/flatter finish than natural limestone. They also come in a variety of sizes so you are assured you will find the right limestone block for your wall project.

Natural Limestone Blocks

Natural limestone blocks are true limestone that has been cut to size from limestone quarries from around the outer Perth areas. These natural limestone blocks work great in areas of older well-established suburbs of Perth where you need to match in with the existing garden landscape. 

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Limestone Walls Perth
  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Feature Walls 

  • Water Features

  • Retaining Walls

  • Letterboxes

  • Boundary Fence

  • Front Yard Security Wall

  • Sunken Entertainment Areas

  • Limestone block Seating

  • Steps

  • Water Pond Construction

  • Pizza Oven Stands

  • BBQ Areas

Brick Retaining Walls Perth

Using clay bricks as a retaining wall has its advantages and disadvantages in residential applications. Bricks are very versity in their construction where they can create curves and waves much easier than a limestone block material. They can be rendered and painted to suit the aesthetics of the home creating a seamless extension to the landscape. 

However, the disadvantages of clay brick when constructing retaining walls is the requirement of large concrete footings, reinforcement bars concreted in the footings and concrete cavity filling between the two sperate walls. This can quickly become expensive and time consuming compared to limestone construction. 

Brick Wall Perth
Brick Wall Applications
  • Raised Garden Beds

  • Letterboxes

  • Water Feature Construction

  • Boundary Walls

  • Feature Walls

  • BBQ

  • Pizza Ovens

  • Steps

  • Screen Walls

Natural Stone Retaining Walls Perth

Using natural stone as a retaining wall looks amazing when done by the professionals like MVP Landscapes. They can be time-consuming to construct, but the end result will be amazing. 

The primary importance is to ensure the stone retaining wall is performing its purpose, and that is to retain soil from falling. Depending on the scale of the wall, it is sometimes required that a brick or limestone wall is constructed behind the natural stone retaining wall to ensure the land is retained correctly. 

Treated Timber Retaining Walls

MVP Landscapes uses H4 treated timber in small retaining situations like garden beds, vegetable patches, and low lying land variations. Treated timber is durable, sturdy and is a natural addition to your home's garden landscape. As it is relatively easy to work with, it can be facilitated into any Perth garden.

  • Limestone Wall Retaining

  • Brick Wall Retaining

  • Concrete Block Retaining

  • Natural Stone Retaining

  • Treated Timber Retaining

  • Timber Sleeper Retaining

  • Retaining Wall Systems

Perth Retaining Wall Services

To find out how we can help you with your Perth retaining wall or limestone wall, please contact MVP Landscapes for your free consultation