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Lawn & Turf Installation Perth

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Lawn & Artificial Turf Installation In Perth by MVP Landscapes

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So, you are wanting to have a lawn or turf installed in Perth. There are many varieties to choose from that will suit your home, but more importantly, you need to know what lawn species is going to suit the area you are wanting to install it in. 

Things like is it drought-tolerant, does the lawn need full sun or will it work in part shade areas, is the lawn low allergies for kids and pets, is the lawn invasive to garden beds, does the lawn require low or high maintenance, or does the lawn wear easily preventing you using in certain areas. 


All these factors will determine what lawn variety best suits the desired area so you have the best looking lawn in the street. 

For the correct advice on installing lawn to your new home, or even an existing home where we are replacing your old tired lawn with a new species that better suits, contact the guys at MVP Landscapes for your free consultation. 


Soil Preparation



MVP Landscapes have been supplying and installing a variety of lawn species throughout Perth, Western Australia.  From our hands-on experience, we completely understand that a thriving, lush green lawn is only ever achieved by good soil preparation works prior to the new lawn being installed. Miss this stage, and you will never have the beautiful lawn you have desired.


Soil preparation is the most important stage of your future lush green lawn. When your new lawn has been cut from the turf farm and delivered to your home, there is only a small amount of soil attached to the roll of lawn. Roots are often exposed and if not laid onto an enriched sub-base, they will dry and perish causing your new lawn to die.

At MVP Landscapes we only ever install a new lawn onto a high-quality soil sub-base that has been designed for lawn application. This brings nutrients directly to the new lawns root system when laid rather than relying on Perths very poor sandy soil content to bring life into your new lawn.

Lawn Installation Perth - a perfect place to play

A great looking lawn doesn't just happen. It takes time, water, fertilizing, maintenance, and the correct lawn installation to be done in the very beginning.

Installing lawn in Perth doesn't come without its challenges. Typically, the soil conditions are very poor and sandy to which most lawns will not do well no matter how much water and fertilizer you feed it. This is why MVP Landscapes only ever use a high-quality landscape lawn mix prior to any lawn installation. This brings the correct nutrients to the new lawn when Perths sandy soil can not do.

As Perth's summers are dry, hot, and longer than most other Australian cities, a quality automatic watering system is essential and highly recommended if your wanting a quality lawn in the years to come. MVP Landscapes can certainly help you with supplying and installing the latest water-wise reticulation systems. 

When installing your new lawn, the MVP team prepare the ground as if we are placing pavers. This will give your home the level, even finished lawn. Once the lawn installation process has been completed, we roll or compact the lawn down to remove any high spots that may have occurred due to the lawn being cut uneven from the turf farms. 

Now, its time for you and your family to sit back and enjoy the amazing feeling of your new green lawn installed by MVP Landscapes. 

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We Remove Your Old Lawn and Replace It With A New Lush Green Lawn






If you are wanting to replace your tired, dying lawn with a lush green new lawn, MVP Landscapes can do it all for you. We can remove and expose of your old lawn via bobcat, lawn cutting machine or by hand in difficult to reach areas. It is recommended that you remove the old lawn to a depth of 80-100mm to ensure the old root system has also been removed completely.


This is critical when you are replacing an old couch (Winter Green) lawn with a Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn (Sir Walter, Palmetto, Bison) as the couch lawn is more invasive and will eventually take over the new Soft Leaf Buffalo.  



Lawn & Turf Installed Varieties by MVP Landscapes




Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn

Soft Leaf Buffalo - Matilda




Matilda is an Australian hairless, low allergen and shade-tolerant buffalo. It is deep green in colour with a dense root system and vigorous growth which inhibits weeds. Matilda’s durability and salt tolerance makes it the ideal lawn for pets children, coastal area’s and poolside.

Similar Lawn Species - Sir Walter, Palmetto, Bison


  • Shade Tolerant

  • Non-Invasive

  • Less Mowing

  • Less Watering

  • Less Fertilizing

  • Weed Preventing


Kikuyu Lawn




Kikuyu is a bright green soft leaf turf grass. It is predominantly used in parks, public open space and rural properties. It is vigorous and easy to grow. With its creeping nature and seed head it self-propagates and repairs quickly in areas of high traffic however it requires more water and mowing than other varieties of Lawn.


  • Hard Wearing

  • Fast Growing

  • Fast Recovery

  • Great for pets

  • Less Fertilizing


Winter Green Lawn

Winter Green



Winter Green is a fine leafed couch lawn. It has an emerald green colour and is the most popular domestic and commercial lawn variety specifically bred for Australian conditions. It is used on everything from bowling greens and parks to roadside verges and the home garden.


  • Drought Tolerant 

  • Thrives in full sun

  • Fine Leaf

  • Moderate to Heavy wearing


Artificial Turf Installation Perth

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf has come a long way since it was first introduced into Perths residential gardens. The new artificial turf of today not only looks great but save you money in the long run.

At MVP Landscapes our experienced team will remove your old lawn if required and prepare the area with 80-100mm of cracker dust sub-base. This will ensure your new artificial lawn will remain as flat as possible with no sink holes through water run-off and excessive rainfall. 


Artificial Turf Advantages


  • No Watering system required

  • Very little maintenance required

  • Great for trafficable areas

  • No Lawn mowing required

  • Great for pets

  • Great for small areas little courtyards



To transform your home's landscape, contact MVP Landscapes for your free consultation on what product best suits your area.