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Creating amazing outdoor living spaces



Landscape services...

MVP Landscapes offer the people of Perth, Western Australia, complete landscaping services, from Landscape Design, Landscape Construction and Landscapes Maintenance.


What makes MVP Landscapes unique, is that the person who designs the landscape also constructs the landscape. This gives MVP Landscapes a clear advantage over other landscaping companies, in that the design is clearly understood from the onset, with no chance of miscommunication from client to landscape designer to the landscape construction team. It also greatly minimizes costs to the client, with much fewer overheads that need to be covered throughout the project. This allows our clients to have more, rather than less, in all our designs and landscape construction projects. 


Being the 'landscape designer' and being a pivotal part of the landscape construction team, the quality of workmanship is to the highest level, which is the biggest advantage of all.



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Landscaping Services


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