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Our experienced professional team can supply and install an array of pavement materials to transform your Perth home.


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From Driveways, Pools, Entertainment Areas, Pathways & Courtyards




If you're looking to put pavement down at your home or commercial property, your choices are countless with product materials and laying patterns. They can be confusing in what best suits your requirements. Here at MVP Landscapes, our professional team can guide you to what is best functional for that particular area, and what is aesthetically pleasing to enhance the space.

At MVP Landscapes, we undertake a variety of residential pavement projects like pool headers/bullnosing and pool paving surrounds, alfresco entertainment areas, driveways, footpaths, and feature courtyards. Having forged quality relationships with many of Perth's pavement supply companies, you can be assured that we can provide you with the best product at the best possible price.


Paving Material Varities


Travertine Paving



The range of Travertine pavers with different finishes cater for a variety of applications. Typically used around pools and in entertainment areas like alfresco and courtyards. Travertine comes in an aged tumbled finish, crisp clean sawn or a slightly distressed sandblasted finish. A top quality finish to showcase your homes outdoors.



Granite Paving



The vast colour palette of Granite Pavers offer an elegant looking finish for your home. Granite paving is typically hard-wearing and suited for high trafficable areas like Driveways and entertainment areas.  






Limestone Paving



A common Perth paving product, Limestone pavers are great for all applications big and small. Soft and cool underfoot, Limestone pavers are popular for Driveways, footpaths, patio/alfresco areas and around the pool. The variety of colours will ensure you will have a paver that suits your requirements.


Bluestone Crazy Paving



Bluestone pavers are extremely hard wearing and therefore suited for all applications. The charcoal-grey appearance is ideal for small courtyards, driveways and entertainment areas making for a contemporary finish. Available in many different sizes from large single slabs used as steppers to smaller unique pieces used in crazy paving. 


Clay Paving



Clay pavers are versatile in their use, allowing the application to be multifaceted. A great entry point as clay pavers are affordable and available in a variety of colours to suit your home's aesthetics. Great for driveways, pathways and entertainment areas. 


Concrete Block Paving



Concrete pavers also known as block pavers are hardwearing and offer our clients an arrangement of finishes in colour and texture. A great alternative to concrete hardstand with the ability to have exposed aggregate concrete pavers that look the same, but at a fraction of the cost. Concrete pavers typically come in 200x200, 300x300 or 400x400 sizes with different thicknesses allowing the user to use on driveways, pathways and entertainment areas


Lost as to what to use. No problem, we are happy to help you choose the type of paver and laying pattern that will be practical, functional and looks great to suit any budget


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