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Garden Maintenance



Keeping Perth Residential Gardens looking their absolute best. 





MVP Landscapes offers one-off or regular garden maintenance programs

Garden Maintenance Perth

We understand you have invested time and money into your Perth residential garden so it is important to have it looked after to keep it looking it's absolute best all year round. 

At MVP Landscapes our dedicated team specialise in hard and soft landscaping maintenance that is designed to meet your budget and time restraints, whilst making sure the garden thrives for many years to come. 



Landscaping Maintenance Ideas


 MVP Landscapes can perform one-off garden tidy ups for special occasions, like getting your home ready for sale, outdoor functions, and BBQs. Having a tidy, aesthetically appealing front landscape has been proven to receive a higher selling price when selling, compared to a messy run-down front yard garden. This could result in selling your property faster and getting you and your family into your next home sooner.

Our long term maintenance programs can be requested on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly period. These timeframes are perfect for the busy family who don't have the time and want to relax on their time off, retirees who aren't capable of manual labor, and people owning AirBNBs to ensure the property looks inviting and well kept.


Garden Services


  • One-off garden maintenance

  • New planting

  • Soil conditioning

  • Garden mulching

  • TreelLopping and stump grinding

  • Pest and disease management

  • Fertilizing

  • Reticulation repairs and upgrades

Landscaping Perth Landscape Garden Maint

Large Garden Maintenance Capabilities 


Do you have a large tree within your residential garden that is causing problems? 

Our professional tree loppers can prune, remove completely and stump grind unwanted trees that are causing an issue to the home. Large trees can block the housing gutter systems causing excessive rain to leak into the house. Large tree root systems can cause pavement and walls to shift making them unsafe for the family. 

For personal safety, it is best to leave these large issues to the professionals that have the correct tools, safety gear, experience and insurances that is required.


Engaging MVP Landscapes 


Once you have contacted MVP Landscapes, we will visit you at your home and give you a quotation on the garden works that you require. This will be considered the type of service, frequency and allocated budget.

For more information, please contact us today.